Save More by Buying More Vehicles


IBC Japan, a worldwide exporter of used vehicles, is re-launching its Buy More Save More credit award program for the year 2012. This program was initially launched in 2008 and IBC is bringing it back due to its popularity among repeat buyers, especially those who are used car dealers.

The Buy More Save More program lets buyers earn credit for each vehicle purchased and as the number of their purchases increases, the credit amount they earn also increases. In this program, IBC gives their customers the option to use the credit earned as cash for future purchases.

This program applies to all purchases from IBC’s inventory and from auctions. Depending on the number of vehicles bought per month, buyers can earn credit up to USD 10,000. Credit awards may be redeemed in the month after they are awarded.

For more information on how take advantage of this credit award program, visit IBC’s Buy More Save More page. IBC Japan is a world leader in the vehicle export industry, specializing in the development and implementation of vehicle procurement, export management, and customer service technology. IBC Japan also provides a variety of online export services including purchasing, price negotiation, logistics, shipping, and customer service, supported by a worldwide network of regional sales, distribution, and customer service centers.

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